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Weighing heavy on my mind…

I’m a relative newcomer to the EV lifestyle: Only living it for the past 8 months or so. We’ve been RV’ing for far longer (going on 15 years now with various forms of RVs). It would only be me that would attempt to combine the two. What combine EV’ing with RV’ing? How can you do that? The EV can’t go very far! Well if you’ve read this post you’d know the answer: Take the EV with you pulling it behind the RV.

Pulling the FFE behind an RV is a little more complicated than with your average toad (toad = car towed by an RV, typically towed with all 4 wheels down). Since the FFE cannot be towed with any  wheels down it must be towed on a trailer. As most RVer’s know: when your towing you have to carefully look at weights.

Looking at our new motorhome: The gross vehicle weight is 12,500lbs and the gross combined weight is 18,500. This would imply that it can tow 6000 lbs–it can, however, the installed trailer hitch is only good for 5000 lbs. This means that the total weight of the FFE plus the trailer can be no larger than 5000 lbs. Ford’s specifications say that the FFE weighs in at 3640 lbs–is this true? Well lets see what it really weighs:
FFE Weight

Wow that’s 20 lbs less than specified..great! (Weight obtained at a nearby Cat Scale.) This means that the trailer can be no heavier than 1380 lbs. Fortunately they make aluminum car trailers which weigh around 1200 lbs.

The other piece of the camping with the EV puzzle is: How do you charge the EV? This one is actually pretty easy. Many campgrounds have campsites wired for 240V 50A connections (many large motorhomes with 2 AC units use such plugs). All that is necessary to bring along the EVSE then is an adapter to go from the campground 50A plug to the EVSE plug (in my case this would be a NEMA 14-50 plug(RV) to a 6-30 receptacle(EVSE)). I simply need to bring my Level 2 EVSE (which is wired to a 6-30 plug) and the adapter. When camping at locations without 50A service I can simply plug in with the Level 1 EVSE provided with the car (and charge a lot slower).

It is still early yet, there is still a good 2′ of snow on the ground, and temperatures haven’t risen high enough to unwinterize the RV so there is still time to assemble the puzzle… Happy camping/EV’ing.